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sexta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2013

Celebration Of Curation 2013

Celebrate Curation

At Mixcloud we’re passionate about linking listeners with great audio content. To celebrate the power of curation we’re teaming up with hand picked curators to showcase what's rocking the world's stereos in 2013.
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Ten Locations - Ten Days

Celebration of Curation 2013 is a two week fiesta of collaborations with key Cloudcasters across ten different locations. This year we're asking some of the biggest editorial voices around to show us what their cities sound like. Scroll down to listen.

A sonic journey around the world

Explore the sounds of the cities by clicking on the map below. We've handpicked a selection of respected curators to produce exclusive mixes and shows to represent their locations. Brace yourself for a sonic journey around the world.


A new generation of artists making a big noise Down Under. Australian music is on fire right now


North America (Canada + USA)

The Americas release a heap of great music that we simply could not ignore so we asked some of our lovely curators on the site to bring you a selection of what's blasting their speakers right now. Enjoy.


New York, NY

Cultural melting pot and birthplace of hip hop, punk and disco, many people advocate New York as the heart of American popular music. Stay tuned to find out who'll be repping NYC.


Bristol, UK

Bristol - the Bristol Sound,… the birthplace of Trip Hop, and the natural home for BASS.


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a long tradition of turning out some of the world's biggest dance music stars. We visit Amsterdam to present some of the emerging sounds from one of our favourite cities in Europe.


Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the world's most populous metropolis and a truly fascinating city, boasting enviable skyscrapers and traditional temples side by side, and of course a world class food culture. This musical journey through Tokyo is set to be one of the most fascinating days of the Celebration of Curation.


Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the epicentres of global electronic music, with many world renowned DJs, producers, record labels and clubs located in this vibrant capital city. Listen to the sounds of Berlin, brought to you by some of its most remarkable artists.


Los Angeles, CA

With a heritage in hip-hop, the City of Angels is now famed for an ever growing beats and electronic music scene. We're proud to present some of the key protagonists of these growing scenes for you here.


Paris, France

From Bangalter to Ed Banger, Paris has always been a tour de force for electronic music. We are proud to celebrate some of the city's most respected clubs, magazines and artists on our Paris day of the Celebration of Curation.


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